IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP)

Standards Conformance Solutions Enabling Market Implementation


ICAP Certification Registry is the only authoritative listing of products certified in accordance with IEEE SA Conformity Assessment Program policies and tested by the ICAP authorized test laboratory, in accordance with the related Test Suite Specifications. Products listed in this registry may utilize the IEEE certification mark which is globally recognized and accepted.

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Certification Registry

ICAP Authorized Test Laboratory Consumers Energy
Standard IEEE C37.118.1a™-2014
Test Suite Specification IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement Test Suite Specification, Version 2 - 2015


Company Logo Applicant Name Product Name Model Number Firmware Version
SEL logo Schweitzer
Laboratories, Inc.
Axion SEL-2240 SEL-2241-R134-
Siemens logo Siemens AG
(50HZ Nominal Frequency)
Vizimax logo Vizimax PMU 010000 RMEN35000 21997-1 v1.1.4.2


IEEE 1588™ Power Profile Certification Registry - Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Power Profile

ICAP Authorized Test Laboratory University of New Hampshire – InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL)
Standard IEEE 1588™-2008, IEEE C37.238™-2017, IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3™-2016
Test Suite Specification 1588 Power Profile Conformance Test Suite Specification Version 1.22


IEEE Certified PTP Power Profile Clocks

Pilot testing of PTP Power Profile Clocks is currently taking place at UNH-IOL. To participate please contact


IEEE 1588™ Telecommunications Certification Program Precision Time Protocol - Telecommunications Certification Registry

ICAP Authorized Test Laboratory Iometrix
IEEE 1588™ Standard IEEE 1588™-2008
IEEE 1588™ Profile Recommendation ITU-T G.8265.1
ICAP Test Suites IEEE 1588™ Conformity Test Suite for Frequency Synchronization in Telecommunications Networks - Packet Master Clock
IEEE 1588™ Conformity Test Suite for Frequency Synchronization in Telecommunications Networks - Packet Slave Clock


IEEE Certified Telecommunication Clocks

Company Logo Equipment Name IEEE 1588™ Packet Slave Clock IEEE 1588™ Packet Master Clock
Cisco logo Chassis: ASR-903
PTP Line Card: A900-IMA1X
Controller Card: A903-RSP1A-55
Test Report ID
Issued on June 10, 2014
Huawei logo IPCLK3000 V100R001C00   Test Report ID
Issued on June 10, 2014


Note: IEEE certifications apply only to Telecommunication Profile Clocks listed above that have been tested. This listing uses an indicative equipment reference for convenience only, and the complete equipment reference, including the tested versions of hardware and software, is contained in the Test Reports posted in this registry. Test Reports also contain the full set of results of all Test Cases.